Instantly create an AI chatbot for your business

How it works is a website that can faq anything, an AI chatbot builder. You can create customized AI-chatbots trained on your data and your business FAQ's. You'll FAQ'n love it!

1. Train your Chatbot

With the power of AI, answer some questions, upload your documents and even scan your website to train the ultimate chatbot employee.

2. Embed your Chatbot

Put your new artificially intelligent chatbot, with your choice of logo, color, and assistant name right onto your site by copying and pasting.

3. Improve your bot and watch it Learn and Sell

Once active, you can continue teaching your bot new things as customers ask more and more questions and you add more and more information to train your AI.

faqmy (4)

An AI Salesperson

Train a personalized, domain-knowledgable AI Salesperson and FAQ answerer in minutes.


Boost Conversions

Never again lose a customer to confusion.  Turn visitors into customers by faq'n them really good.


faq your CRM up

Watch with your jaw on the floor as AI, powered by your copy as it perpetually learns, gets you new customers.


Customize your Chatbot

Brand your chatbot however you like, with no faqs from us. Want the bubbles to be blue? pink? Fine. Who gives a faq, we do.



  • 1 AI Chatbot
  • 10MB File Uploads
  • Customize your AI FAQ chatbot
  • 2500 messages/month
  • Scan in your website to train!
  • Upload documents to train!

Pro FAQ'er

$150 $99.69/month
  • 10,000 messages/month
  • 10 AI Chatbots
  • All the features of Growth
  • Early Access to new features
  • Access to Support and rate extensions
  • CRM/Email-Capture Integration (Coming soon!)